The 2023 Lider Musical Tributes Team:

Photo: Dawid Garwol

Ula Urszula Chowaniec

Dr. Ula (Urszula) Chowaniec is a scholar and educator with a diverse range of expertise. She currently holds the position of Lecturer in Polish Culture and Language at Lund University and serves as a Professor at the Andrzej Frycz-Modrzewski Cracow University in Poland, where she conducts online courses. In addition to her academic roles, Ula is a dedicated educator who imparts her knowledge as an instructor of Jewish Women’s Literature at the Paideia Folkhögskola, European Institute for Jewish Studies in Stockholm. As a writer and researcher, Ula has authored a monograph titled Melancholic Migrating Bodies in Contemporary Women’s Writing, published in 2015. She has also delved into the works of Irena Krzywicka, a prominent Jewish feminist from the 1930s, producing a monograph entitled W poszukiwaniu Kobiety: O wczesnych powieściach Ireny Krzywickiej (In Search for a Woman: Early Novels of Irena Krzywicka), which was published in Kraków in 2007. Ula’s scholarly contributions extend to editorial work as well. She has curated and introduced an insightful issue on “Queering Poland in Central Europe,” featured in Volume 19, Issue 1 (2021). This thought-provoking collection can be accessed HERE. Currently, Ula is immersed in a new monograph project centered on the poetry of Irena Klepfisz. Her research is concentrated on Jewish history and Jewish identity in women’s writing, with a particular emphasis on contemporary Jewish women’s literature. You can explore her academic pursuits and stay updated on her research by visiting her dedicated website JEWISHWOMENSWRITING. For a comprehensive look at her professional profile and academic endeavors, be sure to visit her official website CUDZOZIEMKI. Dr. Ula Chowaniec continues to make significant contributions to the fields of literature, culture, and Jewish studies through her extensive work and dedication to scholarship.


Jan Herdevall

Jan Herdevall is an accomplished and self-taught polymath, excelling in music, production, filmmaking, photography, and editing. His projects can be viewed on his website:

He says that he began his musical journey at the age of 6 and has never looked back. With a remarkable start at such a tender age, he embarked on a lifelong musical journey, continuously honing his craft and taking on new projects.
In 1989, Jan founded his own media production company, a testament to his unwavering dedication and expertise in the field. For over four decades, he has had the privilege of creating various films and music and working with many artists. Jan Herdevall’s extensive experience also includes a previous role as a middle school teacher, where he shared his knowledge and ignited inspiration among the younger generation. His multifaceted career path is a testament to his dedication, versatility, and enduring love for creativity and education.

Photo: Carolin Platzek

Anne Kalmering

Anne Kalmering is a singer and actress from a Russian-Jewish family and a central figure in Jewish singing in Sweden. Her repertoire ranges from Ashkenazi and Sephardic tradition to modern music. Anne collaborates with the most established musicians in the genre and has performed at festivals, in concert halls, TV, radio, in The Swedish Parliament, at The Royal Palace in Stockholm, schools etc. in Scandinavia, North America and Europe. With her charismatic and deeply personal interpretation, warm stage presence and fascinating voice, she has introduced Yiddish, Ladino and Hebrew songs to a broad audience and holds a prominent position as a cultural ambassador for Jewish heritage in Sweden. Anne also gives songworkshops for all ages, hosting children programmes in radio and Television and is a beloved radiovoice in Thoughts of the day, Swedish Radio. P1 Anne was nominated for the prize Traditionell music at the Folk and Worldmusic gala together with the acclaimed group Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic. They also released the CD Vayter 2019 with excellent reviews and exposure.